The philosophy of General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. is based on the belief that the final quality of our services is a direct result of the quality in the work of all those who form this company.

The strategic objectives of General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. are:

    Through the full satisfaction of our customers, we commit ourselves to meet their requirements and to being more competitive to offer continuous improvement.
    By achieving a greater competitiveness in the market, we want to remain at the forefront with improvements in our manufacturing processes and our technology. This by investing profits in new machinery, new technology and the development of new products.
    We want to focus the motivation of our collaborators, including the external ones, on quality.

General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. promotes quality awareness, personal commitment, ideas and actions with the aim to achieve customer satisfaction.

Through this policy, we start to work closer with our customers and suppliers and we move forward with firm step in the commitment of mutual trust.

To achieve these objectives, the Management of General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. will undertake the following actions:

  • Maintaining an effective and efficient system of quality management for planning and developing. This by integrating the entire management team.
  • Ensuring that the compliance of work, to contract requirements, will always be supported by results and objective evidences.
  • Establishing measurable objectives with the purpose of ensuring and demonstrating continuous improvement of the quality system.
  • Ensuring that both the management team and the rest of the staff are familiar with the policy, the objectives and the quality system.
  • Reviewing the adequacy of the policy with its objectives on a yearly basis.


  • Heavy metals declaration.
  • General absence declaration.
  • BPA (Bisphenol-A) absence declaration.
  • TSE/BSE (substances of animal origin) declaration.
  • European Pharmacopeia.
  • American Pharmacopeia (USP), as per customer request.
  • Food contact.


gmp certificados