General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. is aware of the current and growing environmental concerns and, as a supporter of sustainable development, is committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment in all activities.

The environmental policy of General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. is inspired on two basic principles:

  • The compliance of all applicable environmental regulations.
  • Continuous improvement of the activities developed in order to protect the environment.

To implement these principles, the management of GMP intends to:

  • Adopt the necessary measures to prevent pollution and, whenever this will not be possible, minimize the pollutant emissions.
  • Reduce the waste systematically by recycling and reusing it whenever possible, as well as making an efficient use of the natural resources, raw materials and energy.
  • Adopt the necessary measures to ensure the compliance of the environmental regulations applicable to our activities at European, national, regional and local levels.
  • Establish procedures for periodic review of the compliance of the environmental policy, as well as applying the correct measures when breaches are detected.
  • Define and regularly review the environmental objectives and targets established to accomplish this environmental policy, in the process of continuous improvement of our performance related to the environment.
  • Spread the environmental policy among employees, suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders.
  • To train and to awareness employees about the potential environmental issues that may arise, involving them in the respect for of our policy in all activities.
  • Maintain an updated Environmental Management System appropriate to the nature, the scale and the environmental impact of our activities and services.


General de Manipulados Plásticos S.A. has implemented the ISO 14.001 (environmental managing system) with the aim on:

  • Complying with the governing rules applicable to environmental aspects and impacts corresponding to the 14.001 declaration
  • Reaching the environmental objectives of the organization


The declaration of intent and the policy of GMP is that all our suppliers make a pre-registration of the substances according to the ‘REACH’ article compliance.

We are able to provide our customers, when needed, with the pre-registration number of the substances required.

GMP does not accept any substances that are included in the SVHC (substance of very high concern) list. Any additional information is included in our Security datasheet and food and/or pharmaceutical regulations.