We develope our products with the highest quality and service standards.


The philosophy of General de Manipulados Plásticos, S.A. is based on the belief that the final Quality of our services is a direct result of the Quality in the work of all those who form this company.


We are aware of the current and growing environmental concerns. As a supporter of sustainable development, we are committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment in all our activities.


All the options chosen by the customer can be produced transparent or in colour, printed or anonymous. For automatic or manual packaging. We adapt ourselves to the specific needs of each customer: with or without sliding.


Our highest ambition is to show our quality, efficiency and service on a worldwide basis. We are working and thriving every day to make this goal reality.


INNPACT: research seeks to prolong life and improve the quality of processed cheese, pastries and cakes...