Special Pattyn line material


Special products for the PATTYN automatic packaging machines (bag-in-box): FLEXIM, RAZIM & ZIM.

If you have a PPL machine, you will find in GMP the ideal partner to fulfil your needs. As a member of the PATTYN’s group, we have adapted our machines and our technology to the PATTYN automatic packaging lines, so that we come up with a product which offers to our customers:

  • multi-layer, which gives the film a much more strength and less thickness
  • good sealability
  • minor use of additives per layer, with a reduction on the price of raw material
  • more adaptability between film, machine and product by improving the seal and anti-blocking in the internal layer, the impact in the intermediate layer and the gripper friction in the external layer
  • 100% of the material is used: no waste
  • less machine stops

Our close collaboration with PATTYN is the result of new and improved recipes which means a higher PPL machines productivity.


HDPE/LDPE film rolls.


Food, pharmacy, semi liquids, metallic and plastic caps & closures, powder, grains etc....